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The contentious topic of Vaccination


The debate regarding vaccination is a contentious one and something that I am asked about often. Deciding whether to vaccinate your child can be emotional, frightening and confusing. There is so much information out there supporting both sides of the debate, much of it informative and some of it just plain garbage. Its a personal choice and should be based on sound research.

As a Naturopath my role is to empower my patients choices and support the health of the child. In my clinic I respect the individuals right to choose and support their choice either way.

Supporting your child through the Vaccination process

If you do decide to vaccinate it is important to support your childs health throughout the process.

Much of the fear around Vaccination is in regards to the effect on a developing immune system and the long term implications of such; and the exposure to mercury and aluminium.

Much can be done to ensure that your child's immune system is functioning optimally. Breastfeeding, probiotics, improving nutritional status and supplementing with key nutrients can all promote immune system function.

Detoxifying heavy metals should also be a consideration and there are a number of nutrients and herbs that can be supplemented to support the elimination pathways.

If you make the choice to vaccinate your child be assured that your choice will be respected and that Natural Medicine options are available to support your child through the process. Equally, if you decide not to vaccinate your decision will also be respected. My role in your health picture and that of your child's is never to judge but rather to ensure the best health outcomes.