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Understanding Constipation


Constipation affects most people at some point in their lives, yet its not a topic that many people are comfortable talking about.

Normal digestive function varies between 2-3 times per day and 3 times per week.

If you are experiencing less than three bowel movements a week, straining, incomplete evacuation, hard or lumpy stools, bloating or a sensation of blockage then you may be assessed as having constipation.

It is important to get a professional diagnosis of this condition.

Causes of constipation can include -


*inadequate fluid and or fibre intake

*stress and depression

*physical inactivity

*chronic laxative use

*certain medications





It is essential to identify the underlying cause of your constipation in order to formulate a safe and effective treatment plan.

Once underlying pathology has been ruled out, your Naturopath can implement a treatment protocol combining herbal medicine, nutritional advice, probiotic supplementation and lifestyle recommendations.

I often see patients who have lived with constipation for years. It is always rewarding to see the smile on my patients faces when they discover the overall health benefits and comfort of healthy digestive function.