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The lowdown on skincare products


The skin is our largest organ and the fact that what we put on our skin is absorbed into our bodies is undeniable.

Many of the ingredients in popular cosmetics and skin care products include chemicals that are known to be harmful or have not been properly tested. Its hard to know which is worse, knowing what the risks are or having no idea about just how dangerous these chemicals are in the long term.

A quick scan of the ingredients in a handful of well known skincare products included some pretty frightening chemicals including parabens, triclosan and fragrance.

So what exactly are you putting on your skin?

Fragrance - Who knows whats in this one. Companies can choose from hundreds of potentially toxic chemicals that help a scent stick to your skin and last longer. These companies don't have to reveal which of these chemicals are actually in the product you purchase. So while your smelling lovely it may be because you have just applied an endocrine disruptor such as phthalate.

Parabens - Butylparaben, ethylparaben and any other name ending in paraben are commonly used as preservatives in cosmetic and skin care products. These ones are also potential endocrine disruptors and have been linked to fertility issues in males. Many companies are now going paraben free but what are they replacing it with?

Triclosan - This antibacterial and anti fungal agent has it all, potential endocrine disruptor, may contribute to antibiotic resistance, potentially toxic to reproduction and also the chance of impaired muscle function.

While the long term effects of many of the chemicals contained in beauty and skin care products are poorly understood others are very definitely linked to serious diseases. We are exposed to toxic substances every day, most of which we cant control. You can control what you put on your skin and you should consider a more natural alternative when making your choice.

The dirt on endocrine disruptors.

Our endocrine system is a complex system involved in just about every function in our bodies including growth, development, sleep, mood, reproduction and metabolism. An endocrine disruptor is a chemical that mimics the bodies natural hormones and have been associated with metabolism issues, cancer, reproductive issues,and many other serious conditions.