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What exactly is Kefir and why should you be drinking it?

Pronounced Ke-feer, you have probably seen this in a couple of different forms in the fridge of your local health store.

The drink is produced from Kefir grains, which are a complex living culture containing healthy bacteria and yeast.

The grains feed on either lactose from milk (milk kefir) or sugar (water kefir) to create a fermented drink packed with beneficial bacteria for the digestive tract.

The digestive tract is home to your microbiota, over 1000 different species of bacteria.

Kefir grains

There is a growing body of research defining the role of the microbiota in health with strong links to immune function, obesity, mental health and diabetes.

While there is still so much to be understood about this incredibly complex system there can be no doubt about the microbiota’s importance in the wellbeing landscape.

Stress, some medications and poor dietary choices can all impact your microbe population causing an imbalance of good and bad bacteria.

Kefir is a good source of probiotics (good bacteria) and is easy and cheap to make at home.

Grains can be sourced online along with instructions to have you manufacturing your own source of health giving goodness.

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